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Warranty Information
Our expert workmanship is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

New Home Warranty

AP Builders wants you to feel confident when it comes to the quality of your new home. To this end, we provide each new homeowner with a 10-Year insured Builder’s Limited Warranty. It covers structural elements of your home in association with Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC), the leader in warranty administration products and services.

At closing, your home will be enrolled in our 10-Year insured Builder’s Limited Warranty program. It is important that you understand the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the structural warranty and your responsibilities as a homeowner. These documents also clearly state what qualifies as a warranty repair and those items that are the homeowner’s responsibility. In addition, they cover important steps for making a Warranty Service Request. In the unlikely event that we cannot perform our obligations under the warranty, our insurer will be there to assume responsibility for our performance - at no cost to you.

Should you decide to sell the home, the transfer in title will not affect the remaining term of our limited warranty. The homeowner simply completes the “Subsequent Home Buyer Acknowledgement and Assignment Form” found in the warranty documentation.

If you need more information regarding the 10-Year insured Builder’s Limited Warranty program, what qualifies as an Emergency, or how to file a claim, please click the 10-Year Warranty program link below.

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